Why does a business need Instagram

According to Global Digital Report, over 800 million people monthly use Instagram in 2019. 49% of netizens are millennials who, according to research by Markswebb Rank & Report, make up the majority of ecommerce shoppers. So Instagram will be useful for retailers targeting a young audience.

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The social network itself presented the official @shop account in May. Here, Instagram representatives collect offers from designers and stores with the ability to make a purchase directly from the application. The description of the store pretty clearly outlines which niches are successfully arranged in the network.

Shop account — a selection of clothes, cosmetics and home accessories from designers from countries where Instagram Shopping is available

In Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and most countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, there is no way to shop on Instagram yet. Sellers have to either drive traffic to the main site, or negotiate each purchase with customers personally and process requests from the social network manually. In both cases, you will need the functionality of an Instagram business account. Let’s take a step by step how to create a business page.

How to create an Instagram business profile

A business account gives its user functionality that is not available to users with personal accounts.

Collection of statistics. In addition to the number of likes and comments, business accounts can track the number of impressions of posts and stories, as well as adding them to bookmarks. After a week of using the business account, the user will have access to audience statistics, its distribution by gender and age.

External communication. Companies now have a «contact» button with a clickable phone number or clickable email. Offline address and opening hours can be added.
Stories archive. Stories from personal accounts are hidden, but not deleted 24 hours after publication. They are saved in an archive, which becomes available after switching to a professional account. Some of the stories can be pinned in the «header» of the account — many people use this to publish additional information, such as reviews or price lists.

Advertising. Users with personal accounts cannot promote their posts, this functionality is only available in business and author accounts. Although you can promote posts on Instagram without an account, if you create a campaign through an advertising account on Facebook and lead subscribers directly to your site.

Use end-to-end analytics to understand how effective your social media campaigns are. It will automatically pull up spending data from Instagram and match it with CRM revenue. Through integrations, end-to-end analytics users receive clear reports with data on ROI and call costs from ads.

Ringostat’s end-to-end analytics also allows you to manually load costs from almost any system. For example, you can analyze the ROI of SEO, banner ads, etc.

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